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A D.S.M.S. or “digital sales and marketing system” franchise is a business model where an individual (the franchisee) purchases the right to use an existing business’s (the franchisor’s) successful digital sales and marketing system, brand name, and support services for a certain period of time. To clarify, let’s use the analogy of a McDonald’s franchise, which is more tangible and widely understood.

Analogous Concept: McDonald’s Franchise

When someone buys a McDonald’s franchise, they are buying the right to use McDonald’s proven business model, brand name, and operating system. They receive support in terms of training, advertising, and supplies but have to follow the corporate guidelines and pay ongoing fees.

Digital Sales and Marketing System Franchise

In the context of a digital sales and marketing system franchise, the concept is similar but applied to a system designed for digital sales and marketing services instead of fast food.

  • Proven System:

    • Just as a McDonald’s franchisee uses the established operational practices and recipes of McDonald’s, a digital sales and marketing system franchisee would use the franchisor’s established digital marketing strategies, techniques, and sales processes.

  • Brand Name:

    • Like using the McDonald’s name and logo, franchisees have the right to use the established brand name and reputation of the digital sales and marketing system.

  • Training and Support:

    • Similar to the training and support provided to McDonald’s franchisees in running a fast-food outlet, the franchisees of a digital sales and marketing system receive training and support in implementing digital sales and marketing strategies.

  • Ongoing Fees:

    • Much like a McDonald’s franchisee pays ongoing fees or royalties to McDonald’s Corporation, the digital sales and marketing system franchisee would likely pay ongoing fees to the franchisor for continued support, use of brand name, and access to updates or enhancements to the system.

  • Adherence to Guidelines:

    • Just as McDonald’s franchisees must adhere to corporate guidelines regarding restaurant operations, menu items, and branding, digital sales and marketing system franchisees must comply with the franchisor’s guidelines to maintain quality and uniformity.


The objective for a digital sales and marketing system franchise would be to help businesses or individuals increase their online presence, generate leads, and convert those leads into customers using the proven strategies and tactics of the franchisor, whereas a McDonald’s franchise aims to serve food quickly to customers using the established McDonald’s system.

In Summary

A digital sales and marketing system franchise allows franchisees to leverage a proven digital marketing and sales system, with an established brand name and ongoing support, to serve clients seeking digital marketing services, much like how a McDonald’s franchise allows franchisees to leverage a proven food service system to serve customers seeking fast food.

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