The optimal approach to obtain what you truly desire is by DESERVING IT.  

Greetings, everyone! Ron here… 

I trust you all are having a splendid day.  


Today, I want to focus on a topic which has truly helped me with achieving and getting the things I truly want in my life and business.

It is this…

When we want or desire something, to obtain it, we must apply this principle of contemplating the world profoundly or deeply reflecting on the world, and on what VALUE you can give or provide. 

By deeply understanding the other person we interact with in our life, in the market, our customers, and industry challenges, entrepreneurs can develop innovative solutions that address customer needs, form collaborations based on shared values, and make strategic decisions aligned with their vision and values, ultimately increasing their chances of success in life and the business world. 


This practical approach can be applied in real-life situations and business, and is rooted and deeply connected to the Law of Attraction. 


I am aware that the Law of Attraction is widely known, but I’ve noticed that most videos and books merely scratch the tip of the iceberg and fail to truly provide practical applications for life and business. Their primary discussions are on mindsets and similar aspects, which, indeed, hold significance.

However, let’s be honest about it, your mindset alone doesn’t make a difference whatsoever until you truly take action and put in the necessary effort into whatever goal you have. You can read countless books and watch numerous fitness-related videos on YouTube day in and day out, but if you don’t actually go to the gym and maintain a healthy diet, your physical appearance won’t change.

This principle applies to all areas of life and business. If you don’t put in the work to create video, content, advertise, do marketing, and do something to move your business forward, it never will. 

What I’m about to share with you is incredibly powerful, but it only bears fruit if you put in the required work. If you do, the rewards are extremely substantial.  

Here is the key…  

Whether it pertains to work, career, business, or relationships, you attain your desires by SHIFTING YOUR FOCUS AWAY from those things that you want or desire.

You achieve this by contemplating on the world deeply, deeply reflecting on the world, in other words… Focus on giving to the world and do not focus on what you can get.  

By utilizing this key principle, you set yourself apart from the majority of people instantaneously.  

You see, about ninety five percent of individuals are self-centered, solely concerned with their own desires without considering what the world truly needs.  

However, the world does not care about your wants and desires; it only cares about what you can offer and the value they can get from it. 

In the realm of business, your potential partners are only interested in how you can generate revenue for them. Your potential life partner is only concerned about whether you can enhance and improve their lives.  

They don’t care about your work ethic, how pleasant you are, or your personal desires. They are primarily focused on fulfilling their own selfish needs, wants and desires. 

Consequently, when you become the person who can fulfill their needs, wants and desires, you become valuable to them.  

In this context, my friend, you become the most valuable prize to them.  

You no longer chase after opportunities and people but instead attract the right ones into your life and business. 

If you consistently implement this approach in your everyday dealing with people and business associates, you will be astounded by the progress you make compared to your competition. No one can even come close to what you can accomplish by practicing this principle.  

However, here is the catch: for this to work, you must first REJECT a sense of self-interest and FOCUS on contemplating the world deeply, deeply reflecting on the world what VALUE you can give or provide.  

Two conditions must be met… 

Firstly, you must genuinely become valuable in relation to what you wish to attract.

Secondly, you must be perceived as valuable. 

Let us discuss a business scenario…  

Imagine there is a student at a university and that’s student’s goal is to secure a job at a prestigious firm.  

Here is what most people would do: they would send out numerous applications and, as a result, receive a few invitations for an interview. They might just hastily prepare for interviews by memorizing answers to frequently asked questions.  

And often, they show up in the interview room viewing the company as simply “The Prize,” then crossing their fingers hoping to be lucky enough to land the job position.  

And with this mindset, they might say something like, “Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to prove myself. I promise not to let you down if I’m hired for the job.” 

Well, let us all be honest, though. Doesn’t this approach sound like that applicant was chasing rather than attracting?  

Allow me to present to you a more professional way to handle this scenario…  

When this person/student approaches the firm in a unique and better way, the very first thing this person would ever do is to conduct extensive research on the industry’s current challenges and the impact of those challenges on the firm they are applying to.  

The second thing this person/student will do is to produce potential solutions to these problems and consider how their skills can be utilized and be of value to implement these solutions.  

Now, being armed with this knowledge, they adopt the following strategy:  

Instead of indiscriminately sending out hundreds of applications, this person/student now attends a career fair where they know many of the firms, he or she is interested in will be present. 

During the career fair meeting, this person/student engages in genuine conversations with company executives from these firms.  

And instead of immediately asking for a job or diving immediately into the problems and solutions that he or she had researched in the very beginning, this person/student takes a different approach.  

This person/student does this first… 

He or she asks genuinely… “What, in your perspective, are the primary obstacles that the industry and your firm are currently encountering?” 


The executive proceeds to discuss some of the problems, and this person/student responds… 

“Very interesting… I believe one potential solution to the challenges you just mentioned could be…” They then casually discuss the solutions he or she researched in the very beginning.  

And if this person/student has done his or her homework properly, then the executive becomes increasingly interested. 

And as the conversation progresses, focusing on the problems and potential solutions, the executive realizes that this person possesses in-depth knowledge and would be an asset to the company.  

And 5-10 minutes into the conversation, the executive proposes, “You know what… we are currently recruiting for some graduate-level positions, and I believe you could be a really good fit. Why don’t you send us your CV, and we will arrange a date for an interview with you?”  

And instead of replying, “Of course! I’ll send my CV immediately and it would be such an honor to be interviewed by you.” 

This person/student would rather something in the lines of…  

“I’ll definitely be sending my CV in the next day or so and we will surely find out whether we are a good fit for each other.” 

And several days later, upon arriving at the interview and meeting with several other executives, one of the executives asked… 

“So why did you apply for this position, why do you want to work with us?” 

This person/student then answered…  

“I applied because Mr. X from your company encouraged me to do so. He mentioned that I could be a good fit and that is why I’m here today. And I also wanted to determine if your firm is a good match for me and if I would like to be a part of your team.”  

This approach completely shifts the dynamics by making the company become attracted to himself or herself and positioning themselves as the prize.  

This person/student then asks the firm… 

“Well, do you have any offers?”  

This person/student places himself or herself in an extraordinarily strong negotiation position, making the firm go after them instead of the other way around. 


Now, let us imagine a scenario where an entrepreneur is aiming to generate leads for an online business by providing valuable information to potential customers: 

Imagine you are an entrepreneur running an online business, and your goal is to attract leads and convert them into loyal customers.  


Here is what most people would do…  


They would spam their target audience with promotional messages, hoping to grab their attention.  


However, you decide to take a different approach.  

Instead of a hard-selling strategy, you recognize the importance of offering value to potential customers.  

You invest time and effort in creating high-quality content that addresses their pain points and provides insightful information.  

You establish yourself as an authority in your niche by sharing valuable industry insights, practical tips, and solutions to their problems.  

When engaging with potential leads, you adopt a Mindset of Mutual Benefit, understanding that building trust and credibility is crucial for long-term customer relationships.  

Rather than treating them as a means to an end, you GENUINELY SEEK TO ASSIST AND ADD VALUE.  

During conversations or interactions, you ask open-ended questions to understand their challenges and needs, actively listen, and respond with personalized recommendations or advice.  


By consistently providing valuable information and positioning yourself as a helpful resource, you attract the attention of potential customers, differentiate yourself from competitors, and build a loyal following.  

Your approach transforms the lead generation process into a mutually beneficial exchange, where potential customers perceive you as a valuable source of information, trust your expertise, and are more likely to engage with your business offerings. 


You must always remember… 


 In order to adopt this strategy in your life and or business, two prerequisites must be met.  

Firstly, you must genuinely become valuable. 

Secondly, you must be perceived as valuable.  


If you believe you lack value, you need to work on developing yourself to become valuable.  

And if you think you possess value but are not being perceived as such by your prospects, then you must work on improving your perceived value.  


Once you achieve this, countless opportunities will start falling on your lap, and you will naturally attract them instead of chasing after them. 

The examples I provided are just a few instances, but this principle and approach applies to most fields and industries, be it business or relationships with yourself, your parents, your spouse, children, co-workers, and with anyone you interact with on a daily basis. 

And when you consistently apply this across the various aspects of life and business, you position yourself far ahead of your competition where there becomes no competition at all.  

I encourage you to embrace these principles and apply them to your life and business, and I promise you that you will truly DESERVE what it is that you truly desire.  


So, tell me, what are your thoughts on this?  

Do you agree, or do you have different perspectives?  

Please let me know in the comments below. 


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